Do you believe that you have been a victim of Education Fraud?

Do you feel that you did not get the education that you paid for?

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At Feldman Morgado, P.A. we are investigating several for-profit colleges, universities, academies and their parent companies for fraud, misrepresentation and violation of Unfair Trade Practices Acts.

Did you attend a for-profit college, university or career training institution? Did the recruiter pressure you into a decision? Did their promises of “your dreams” come true? If not, we would like to talk to you about your experience.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has documented many unscrupulous and deceptive practices in the for-profit education industry. Feldman Morgado, P.A. is investigating potential violations including:

  • Unlawfully compensating career services and admissions representatives
  • Misled students on financial aid costs and interest rates
  • Hire incompetent, non-qualified teachers and instructors
  • Misrepresent placement figures and percentages
  • Little or no career advisor placement services
  • Misled students on transferability of credits or ability to continue on for a master or other higher degrees at recognized universities and colleges – state or non-profit private
  • Misled on the existence of internships
  • Needless 4-year degree Bachelor’s programs
  • Misleading about Associate Arts degrees
  • Refusal to drop students who do not attend classes
  • Refusal to fail a student who fails an exam
  • Threatening instructors with termination if they drop or fail a student

The depth of the misleading employment success statistics and the pressure tactics used by the for-profit institutions is disreputable. We at Feldman Morgado, P.A. are seeking witnesses to discuss their first-hand experience with these institutional scams under the guise of accredited higher education. Call today.

Testimony of Lauren Asher President of the Institute for College Access and Success before U.S. Senate HELP Committee, September 30, 2010

“In our ongoing analyses of student debt trends at the national, state, and college level, a disturbing pattern emerged that led us to look more closely at what is happening to students in the growing for-profit college industry. Compared to other types of colleges, for-profit colleges have the dubious distinction of the highest share of students with debt, with the highest debt levels for degree completers, the worst federal student loan default rates, and the lowest completion rates for bachelor’s degree programs. For-profit colleges now enroll about one in ten post-secondary students in the U.S., but they absorb a far greater share of federal student aid: one in four federal Pell grant and student loan dollars goes to students in the for-profit sector. At the same time, for-profit colleges also have the highest share of students taking out private (nonfederal) student loans, one of the riskiest ways to pay for higher education.”

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As you review the website, you will read about several schools currently under investigation by Feldman Morgado, P.A. Even if you do not see your school listed in the left sidebar or on the school listing page, we may already be conducting an investigation and want to hear your story. We look forward to discussing your case soon.

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