Feldman Morgado, P.A. is investigating International Academy of Design and Technology

This lawsuit has been filed in the Circuit Court Hillsborough County Florida. Click here to read the Complaint.  For further information about the suit, please contact us.

Did you attend International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT)?

At Feldman Morgado, P.A. we are seeking past students as witnesses in our investigation. We are also interested in previous IADT employees. Did you work for IADT as a Recruiter or more recently as a Counselor? If so, we would like to talk with you about your sales training, as well as, your quotas.

Do you recall what the Recruiter told you prior to enrolling? Did the promises ring true or were they more similar to the quotes below?

“…be advised that The International Academy Design Technology main objective is to enroll students first and tell them the financial aid and other student loan programs will cover your tuition 100%. This institution “IADT” enrolled me within 24 hours into classes just so they could get the state’s financial aid money and I didn’t even receive my text book. Every enrollment employee at “IADT” is a sales rep trying to get their commission to sign you up. This so called college are looking for any opportunities to cheat college students desperately seeking financial assistance.”

- Source

“I trusted them to guide, never really realizing how much was being taken out in my co-signers name. I was never guided through the process. I now have $225,000 in loans, since graduation they have accumulated about $65,000 in interest and they are just growing at a rate I can’t keep up with.”

- Source

The Computer Forensics Program at The International Academy of Design & Technology is a complete joke. I can’t imagine in my wildest dreams being more unimpressed.

Misty H. Evanston, IL

Fair warning though… this school has bogus accreditation. The organization that accredits them is part of the same large corporation that owns their school (including every other television college). Because of this, your diploma will not be recognized by most major universities and holds less weight than an Associates from a community college. Simple proof, call up a university and ask them if they take transfer credits rather than ask IADT if their credits are transferable.

Lauren M. Homewood, IL

I don’t want to overly critical of IADT, but it just simply isn’t worth the money you will spend. If you live in the Tampa/St. Pete area and want to go into any of the fields offered by IADT, you should look somewhere else and save your money.

- Source

View a Web Petition Seeking 1,000 Signatures

By Signing this Petition, I request that the International Academy of Design & Technology, of ALL locations provide and agree to federal loan forgiveness to ALL students who have accumulated unjust, and unfair debt through use of IADT’s fraudulent educational and housing services. Read more…

At Feldman Morgado, P.A. we are investigating the Academy for fraud, falsifying graduation and employment statistics, as well as, providing other misleading information to potential applicants. Contact one of the experienced attorneys at Feldman Morgado, P.A. today to discuss your situation.